Mirabile dictu: Krauss publishes pro-science and anti-religion piece in The New Yorker

Why Evolution Is True

It’s well known to us New Yorker fans that the magazine doesn’t much countenance criticism of religion. That’s always baffled me since it’s a magazine run by left-leaning New Yorkers. And I wish they’d get with the Zeitgeist: their current avoidance of the issue not only enables superstition, but bucks the tide of increasing secularism in America. There’s a reason for that tide of nonbelief, but the New Yorker stays well away from it.

A welcome exception, though, is a new piece by Lawrence Krauss at the magazine’s online version (why wasn’t it in the paper version?), “Teaching doubt.” They even head the article with this picture:


(Of course, that could simply be a sign about the metaphorical nature of the Bible, but I prefer to construe it as “The Bible is not true!”)

Krauss’s is a short piece, and most readers here have heard the arguments before, but remember…

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