Fight those free radicals and reverse ageing


‘Free radicals’ a common term used worldwide today.
An age related problem often comes along with the term free radicals.

So lets make it easy for you to understand these free radicals and how we can combat it.
A free radical is defined as a molecule or a molecular species that contains one or more unpaired electrons and is capable of independent existence.

As the saying goes too much of even the best is bad.very high concentration of oxygen is found to be toxic, and can damage tissues and we call it oxygen toxicity.
The oxygen toxicity is due to the involvement of oxygen free radicals or reactive oxygen species( ROS).

It would be surprising for you to know that free radicals are generated by –
1. the normal biological processes
2.due to environmental effects such as alcohol consumption,cigarette smoking,damage caused by ionizing radiation(x-rays) ,by certain drug metabolism e.g…

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