Antibiotics-and health issue


Antibiotics refers to drug or chemical substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria or fungi and finally kill them.

Body is home of 300-1000 species of bacteria and fungi.
Those residing in our gut not only help in digestion but synthesize vitamins,neurotransmitters and moreover maintain the body pH.And this way they play vital role in maintaining and strengthening the immune system of body.

Administration of antibiotics, especially broad spectrum,not only kill the pathogens(disease causing bacteria or fungi)but also the friendly bacteria of our gut.
=leaving our body vulnerable to many disease and attack of Candida.

Candida normally resides in the colon but high dosage of antibiotics lead to imbalance in the natural ratio of friendly bacteria and candida.
Being opportunistic,Candida rapidly proliferate and increase in mass causing havoc in the intestine,in time,the entire body.

So what can you do to repopulate the good bacteria that…

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