laughter is dry cry|the science of cry…

Laughter is the dry cry as we make same sort of weird facial expressions while laughing or crying but Laughter is void of the water (tears). Sometimes I laugh after seeing  the way people are laughing rather than what they are laughing at… Actually sometimes the way people laugh is funnier than what they laugh about.

Laughter has been always associated with feminine and kiddish things and I do believe it is associated with them as cry is comparably  rare in males and adults. Men tend to cry for between two and four minutes, and women cry for about six minutes. Crying turns into sobbing for women in 65% of cases, compared to just 6% for men. Until adolescence, however, no difference between the sexes was found.

so why do we cry ???

Crying is not just a Homo sapiens thing.

Many animals yelp or cry out when they feel pain. But we , Homo sapiens , are the only species that cry for emotional reasons. Anthropologists say crying probably conferred some benefit and did something to advance our species as it is still with us. Charles Darwin wrote in The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals that the keepers of Indian elephants in the London Zoo told him that their charges shed tears in sorrow. Human beings feel very emotional about crying but not always , at least not about crocodile tears as it indicates superficial sympathy.

Personally I support laughter as It saves WATER

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