Four new see-through frogs from Peru

so camouflaged…

Why Evolution Is True

Have a look at this puppy*; isn’t it gorgeous?

*Yes, I know it’s not a dog, for crying out loud!


It’s a glass frog from Peru, one of four newly-discovered species described in a new paper in Zootaxa by Evan Twomey  et al. (reference and link below, but you’ll get only the abstract, and would have to pay big bucks for the paper. Thanks to Evan for sending me the pdf). There’s also a National Geographic blurb which is more accessible than the 87-page monograph, which goes into detail about the frogs’ discovery, description, anatomy, biogeography, phylogeny (based on both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA), “environmental niche models,”  their vocalizations and so on.  It’s an excellent and comprehensive analysis of this group. And, because I’m a good boy, I went through the whole monograph last night rather than spoon-feeding you what’s in the National Geographic summary. Here are some photos…

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